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Why hire a copywriter?

Everyone can write. Just like everyone can turn on a tap. But that doesn’t make them a plumber. Just like everyone can wire a plug, but when the lights go out and there’s no power, you’ll wish you called in a pro…and it’s exactly the same with your marketing. If you want your words to work well – hire a copywriter. Hire me. I can help you with:

Why hire a copywriter?
  • Newsletters: Easily shared, newsletters cover every aspect of your business. Keep your customers by keeping them informed, entertained and in the picture.
  • SEO: There’s a science to it but it needn’t be scary. I’ll make your words work for spiders as well as reading well for humans – using keywords, AKA, the words your customers use to find you.
  • Direct response copy: Direct mail, sales letters, emails – can all generate sales, if you target your prospects carefully. Tempt them with the right words and you can convince your customers that they need exactly what you’re offering or that they need to support your cause.
  • Leaflets/ brochures: Print is still powerful. Even in a digital age, there’s still something magical about turning a printed page. It’s in your hand. It’s tangible. It doesn’t need charging. And with the right copy can persuade a purchase. Think coffee shops, think salons, think waiting rooms. Think captive audience. Think print.
  • White papers: Just because it’s official doesn’t mean it needs to be formal. Your business documents are important, and they need to be interesting too. Let’s reduce the jargon and keep it simple, clear and concise.
  • Copyediting: Need existing copy to sound like it has a consistent tone? Or do the words need a tidy? I can reduce your word count and make your words short, snappy and punch the page. I can also review the grammar, punctuation and styling.
  • Articles: Features and editorials offer you the chance to flaunt your expertise, educate and inspire. I’ll help you do this creatively and potentially reach a new audience.
  • Pen Portraits: Who’s your target audience? Do you know who you’re writing to? Let’s create your customers’ profiles – capture their personality and lifestyle traits. I’m not talking stereotyping, I mean pin-pointing the very details that will make your comms sound personal. Not only will this help your writers in future, it will change the way your words are read. A bit like Guess Who but with more monologue, less berets and beards.
  • Radio scripts: Only 30 seconds to get your message across? I’ll tell a story that will engage, enthuse and excite your listeners and give them a call to action they won’t forget.
  • Case studies: Simple little snapshots of other people’s lives can be incredibly powerful. Let me help bring your stories to life, make an impact and encourage your readers to act.
  • Proofreading: It’s hard to spot mistakes when you’re so close to something. Want a second pair of eyes to look over your copy? I’ll happily proof your words at any stage of a project, from first draft to printers’ proofs. And it doesn’t have to be ads, I’ve proofed report and accounts, dissertations, novels, pitch docs and guidelines and have a hawk-eye for the detail.
  • Press releases: Got something to shout about? Then let’s fill those papers. Make an impression – I’ll write a punchy press release to promote your product/service and make your news the talk of the town. Editors are busy people, save them time and let me make the story speak for itself.
  • POS: Shelf wobblers, trolley teasers, petrol pumps, carrier bags, dump bins, gondolas, A-frames, whispering windows, just a few examples of where your words could grab your customers’ attention.
  • Style guide: If you like to dot your ‘I’s and pepper your copy with punctuation, a simple style guide will help keep your comms consistent.
  • Blogs: Keep them regular and topical. Not only can you share your thoughts and knowledge with your customers, you’ll also refresh your website content and attract more traffic.
  • Social Media: Tweets, status updates, hashtags – keep it simple, make it shared.
  • Product packaging: Cereals, smoothies, shampoos – consumers expect them to talk. Let me help find the voice for your brand and the words for your wrappers.
  • Tone of Voice: Guidelines and workshops to keep your comms consistent and your voice recognisable.
  • Creative concepts: The best ideas start with scribbles. Sometimes it might only be a single word that sells your service. I can create scamps through to long body copy to help launch your campaign.
  • Ads: Indoor, outdoor, online. Tube ads, adshells, bus backs, billboards, bookends…all space waiting to do wonders for your words.
  • Websites: Everyone needs a website. It’s the shop window you display to the world. I’ll help you attract more visitors with the words you use on the web and convert those surfers to sales.
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