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What is Tone of Voice (ToV)?

Tone of voice is your personality in print. It’s the voice you choose to communicate with your customers. It gives words their impact and gives language the power to persuade a purchase, influence and educate.

Personality evolves from conversation and conversation breathes life to tone of voice. The more naturally your words flow the more human they sound. And the more trusted your voice becomes.

Tone of voice is what you choose to say; it’s also the way you say it – the style you use and how you want to be heard/address your audience. It’s the voice that makes you easily recognisable to your customers and sets you apart from the competition.

And it’s a voice I can help you project.

ToV training and guidelines

G’day, Hello, Howdy, How do you do? How we greet our customers often reflects our personality, which changes depending on who’s doing the talking. But when it comes to your business, there’s only one personality that should take the lead – your brand voice. Guidelines help every member of the team talk in one tone of voice.

I’ll train your colleagues to apply the same ToV to your comms so that, regardless of who’s writing, you can guarantee a consistent voice will be heard. If you have colleagues that would benefit from a fun writing workshop, get in touch and I’ll tailor a programme to suit your business.

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