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More than words

With over 15 years’ experience in marketing and advertising, I cut my teeth working my way through agency ranks in Account Management before following my calling to copywriting.

So not only can I write a creative brief, I also know how to respond to one. Which means you’re getting much more than words with me. You also have the experience of a project manager, events planner, proof-reader, creative (and not bad tea-maker) all rolled into one.

I’ve written agency-side, in-house client-side and freelance across B2B and B2C working in a range of sectors for a variety of clients, including Volkswagen, Škoda, Coventry Building Society and BMI.

I understand words and know how to make them dance to your tune.

Cat Copy - Freelance Creative Copywriting

My story

Without sounding like a contestant on a reality TV show, I’ve always wanted to do this job. Copy was a fascination for me from an early age. I was an avid cereal packet reader as a child and loved how the back of every box in the cupboard became an adventure. I was a prolific ‘leaflet collector’ at agricultural shows, exploring every aisle, filling my bag with free merchandise like my life depended on it (well, what’s not to like about a fluffy bug with googly eyes?), then spent days after reviewing my favourite headlines from my hoard.

My journey to Uni and work was navigated by billboards and slogans that would make me smile. Advertising was more than decoration to me – it was my library with an ever-changing display. So it’s no surprise that I’ve chosen this as my career…or maybe it chose me. Writing is all I’ve ever wanted to do and I’m living the dream.

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